Radifleet has collaborated with various local partners to become a vehicle converter specialist in Malaysia since 2014. Our product is synonymous with quality, resilience and innovation. We have partnered with an experience and long established body builder and equipment supplier to provide high quality converted vehicles such as Ambulance, Hearse, Multi-Purpose Van, Bus and Truck.

Radifleet as a pioneering vehicle conversion outsourcing management has combined innovation, craftsmanship and technical excellence to supply and support deployed product to Malaysia market. We aren’t just design and manufacturing specialists, fleet management, logistics, maintenance and through-life support are other services we offer.

Radifleet offer the supply of all categories of vehicles inclusive of vehicle special conversion design, conversion works, equipment, registration and commissioning as specified by the customer. The vehicles that we are be able to supply includes but not limited to;

  • Ambulance
  • Hearse
  • Multi-purpose Van
  • Bus
  • Truck