Radifleet offers fleet maintenance and repair services programs to fit your needs - helping you control expenses and alleviate the administrative burdens of reviewing repairs and costs. With Radifleet nationwide fleet maintenance coverage behind you, we will ensure that your fleet is well taken care off, allowing you to focus on your core business.

From routine services to emergency repairs, we will be there to support you. We have unique fleet maintenance solutions that reduce risk, assist in budgeting and eliminate unpredictable expenses.

We offer full or tailored programs, making sure that we keep your best interest in mind by providing preventative maintenance compliance, roadside assistance, managing repairs and minimizing downtime.


Performance-Based Comprehensive Maintenance Program

Radifleet offered a customised Performance-Based Comprehensive Maintenance contract and shall guarantee your fleet's optimum performance and ensuring the vehicles are fully operational when required. The program consist of comprehensive planned preventive maintenance (PPM) and unlimited breakdown response and repairs, inclusive of all spare parts, consumables and labour. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) track and provide customer with instant fleet performance and status updates. The KPI such as uptime guarantee, planned preventive maintenance (PPM) schedules compliance and response time, will ensure your vehicles are always at an optimal serviceability state of operation to improve your operation performance and profitability. With this contract, customer will spend less time focusing on vehicles fleet maintenance, freeing you to concentrate your time and resources on core business. 

With this contract you will only need to consider one fixed fee that never changes, no matter how much work your fleet needs. It ensures higher productivity, safer drivers, simplified budgeting, and peace of mind.

Our experienced, knowledgeable and skilled mechanics will keep the vehicles in excellent mechanical condition and operation-ready. Top quality resources significantly increased our capability and allows us to offer customer the maintenance program that consist of the following features:-

  • Planned Preventive Maintenance.
  • Breakdown and Corrective Repair.
  • Fast Breakdown Response.
  • Provision of Genuine or OEM Spare Parts.
  • Utilizing Automotive Products That Comply to International Standards
  • Trained and Experience Work Force
  • Latest Technology Diagnostic Equipment.
  • Fully Equipped Workshops.
  • Fleet Maintenance Information system (i-Fleet).
  • Vehicle Testing and Commissioning.
  • Warranty management.
  • User Training.
  • Technical consultation.


Non-Comprehensive Maintenance Program

Radifleet Non-Comprehensive Maintenance contract gives you the flexibility to choose the services you want. You also gain control of your maintenance expenses. The program consist of comprehensive planned preventive maintenance (inclusive of PPM spare parts and consumables) and unlimited breakdown response and repairs (breakdown repair will be invoiced separately based on your authorization of our recommended repair works). All our spare parts, consumables and labour prices shall be based on agreed schedules of rate as per contract agreement. Our mechanics will perform the PPM as per agreed schedules, respond to all breakdown calls, recommend all breakdown repairs, reconcile invoicing, and provide one consolidated monthly bill, so you can spend valuable time on your core business function. The benefits of Radifleet Non-Comprehensive Maintenance program are;-

  • You save money on your maintenance because each service request is reviewed before any work is done to ensure competitive pricing and to prevent unnecessary repairs.
  • We pursue and refund service charges covered under manufacturer warranty, saving you more money.
  • The convenience of our maintenance program saves time for your drivers, helping them focus on their jobs. They no longer need to worry about maintenance decisions or price negotiation and they do not need to save their receipts, file expense reports or wait for reimbursement.
  • You may prevent costly repairs in the future by maintaining your vehicle based on regular schedules that are provided. By following the schedule you ensure vehicle performance and protect your vehicles value.
  • You save time by paying one monthly invoice for maintenance services, instead of writing multiple purchase order or payment.
  • You have detailed information each month on maintenance costs for every vehicle to help you manage your fleet more effectively.


Ad-hoc Maintenance

We will perform maintenance or repair services based on your ad-hoc visit or appointment and you will be invoiced based on the maintenance work that we carried out as per your specific request. We will also carry out complete inspection of your vehicle and will advise you on any technical defect or abnormalities found and provide you with report and carry out the repair upon your approval.